Welcome to Shift Grabber

Welcome to ShiftGrabber.com, where shift trading is finally made free and simple!

Do you work at Starbucks Coffee?

Have you ever needed to drop or pick up a work shift, especially last minute?

Get rid of that unwanted shift, pick up a shift for more cash or get the hours you need to keep your benefits using Shift Grabber! Just for signing up you'll get 20 shift posting credits and it is always free to browse and pick up available shifts.

Here you get exposure to every co-worker in your area so your shifts get picked up faster and there are more to choose from when you need hours, and it is always anonymous. The sign up process is simple and quick, just click on the register link to your left.

1.1.2011 | We are upgrading to make our site completely free to use, please hang with us during this change. :-)

*If your company or store isn't listed, just contact us to add it!


We currently support Starbuck's Coffee